The Jennifer Wynn Vancil Cancer Foundation exists to help families who are battling cancer create memories that will last for a lifetime.  We long for these families to enjoy a cold glass of water in the middle of their desert that is filled with appointments, tests and treatments.  Our goal is to provide a first class, red carpet treatment.  



Nelson Family

“Having these moments is something I’ll cherish for a lifetime.”



Bramlett Family

“We have had the most fun EVER!”



Berrey Family

“This has been a great trip. We are all kind of in shock!”



Wiegand Family

“It means the world to us to be given this opportunity.”



Regan Family

“By the end of the trip I was a different person.”



Rumley Family

“If I were to encapsulate the trip I’d say we were celebrating; celebrating LIFE!”




Kelly Family

“There is no way to describe exactly what this did for us. We laughed and smiled and did whatever we wanted to do. Everything was just perfect.”



Canavan Family

“It’s amazing how much fun getting up at 6:15 a.m., watching the sun rise, finding shells and crabs on the beach. It’s a little bit of paradise here…”

SanibelAugust 2015-128



Deeken Family

“It was wonderful to spend time with my daughter and see her so happy.”



Giustiniano Family

“It gave us a chance to realize there is more to life than this disease.”





Singer Family

“During a time like this, you just don’t think to take this kind of trip to make memories. It was priceless.”



Friedman Family

“I whispered into Dan’s ear for eight days, while he was sleeping, descriptions of beach scenes…..walks on the beach….sun on his face. I truly believe he pulled through in order to celebrate another anniversary, say some important things…”



First class getaways; breaks from the appointments, tests and treatments wouldn’t be possible without the faithful, loving support of individuals like you. Dr. Andrea Wang-Gillam said that there are many families, under her care alone, that need a getaway, a break from cancer.  We can’t do everything, but together we can make a difference!  Go to the donate page and help a family create a memory that will last for a lifetime.